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Our Story

Métier are all about the food. We are experts at making sure that our offer is tailored to each and every client. We have a clear vision to not settle for less than perfection, corners do not get cut and our passion for greatness needs to be replicated in every part of our business. Our partnerships are based on trust and our commitment to provide excellent food & service consistently throughout the life of our partnership. Métier is now exclusively focused on providing creative food to the workplace catering sector. We are a chef-led business with a serious bunch of foodies in the team. Independently run we are nimble, which makes us powerful and able to allow our teams of experts to create and feel empowered, giving them a sense of ownership. We are on a mission to shake things up a bit. Food should be the highlight of your day.  Our food is always handmade by our teams using the very best produce. Our success depends on that food being served in a professional manner, we know that good service goes hand in hand so we pay special attention to making sure that any teams we manage have our vision and understand what it takes to call yourself a foodie.



Métier was born out of the desire to create a partnership culture with our clients and to become that trusted expert in all areas of our clients business that involves food or related services.

We strive to make our partnerships less transactional and more of a joint venture. Of course we excel in food, the clue is in the name, but we also take all the other bits really seriously too. So our health & safety has a dedicated team that solely focus on keeping our customers and team very safe indeed. Clear billing and invoicing from day one, it is vital that you feel in control and understand what is being charged and where it is for so we have a really easy to understand financial system. 

We understand that every site is unique with its own set of things that need to be followed. We spend time making sure our suppliers understand your exact needs when coming on to site with deliveries so there are no unnecessary problems from day one.

"They are really committed to making our service stand out, what is unique about them from our previous experiences is the level of support we get and that we have direct contact with decision makers"

Fran Hannah-Vernaschi  | Orangebox


Good food needs good people to cook and serve it, so we focus on making sure our people are the very best in every way. All of our team need to get the Métier Tick of approval, Tick stands for the qualities we look for in our team.





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and Nutrition

Métier believe that all food and customer experiences provides an opportunity to make a positive impact, not just for the health of our customers, but also for the good of the planet.

We take our responsibilities as caterers to heart and pride ourselves on sourcing sustainable ingredients, championing local UK suppliers, minimising food waste, and educating our customers on how to make food choices that are environmentally friendly and great for their wellbeing. 

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