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Want a Piece of Me?

I bet you do! It is British Pie Week!

As if we needed an excuse to eat pies. The U.K. is a nation of pie lovers. But who can blame us? What is there not to love about a perfect parcel of flaky, buttery pastry and delicious pipping hot, often meaty - but sometimes not - filling?

Oh, you know you want one now.

However, did you know pies have existed since about 2000 B.C.? Yes, the Romans invented pies. There is written evidence, as the first mention of pie casing appeared in a 1st-century Roman cookbook called "Apicius" - but we British perfect them, there is no doubt.

In Medieval times, pies in the United Kingdom were usually savoury meat pies cooked over an open fire. Sugar wasn't really a thing back then (too expensive and fancy), so it wasn't until Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century that we finally saw a sweet cherry pie. All Hail the Queen!

Anyway, history lesson over. Here are some of our favourites.

Faux Pie Nation

Shepherds Pie: With a whopping 108,000 monthly online searches in 2022, one could argue that this is Britain's favourite - but is shepherd's pie really a pie? According to Matthew O'Callaghan, the British Pie Awards chairman, "A real pie is a whole dish encased in pastry." - so we are gonna go with "not a pie".

Don't Tell me Porky Pies

The Melton Mowbray pork pie is a world-famous, multi-award winner with many fans and lovers. Filled with the finest fresh pork meat, seasoned with salt and pepper, and baked to golden perfection.

It is good, but is it number one? We'll let you be the judge of that.

Let Them Eat Steak

The traditional steak pie has to be Britain's favourite. A golden pastry shell filled with mouth-watering stewed steak, silky gravy, and vegetables paired with a hefty portion of chips drenched in salt and vinegar. You know, the British way - cos this is a British pie article, not because we mean any funny business. Hashtag diversity.

Speaking of cancel culture, did you know pies were once banned? Yes, in 1644, Oliver Cromwell banned pies, declaring them an evil source of pleasure. Hmm, k.

British Pie Awards – Celebrating the British Pie

The British Pie Awards have been going on for 15 years. During that time, judges would have munched their way through some 10,000 pies and judged 23 classes of pies! Talk about a dream job.

The winning pie gets crowned Supreme Champion or 'Pie of Pies', and roughly 1000 pies are judged each year.

How about you? Tell us, which is your favourite pie?

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