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Of Talented Hospitality Professionals

Métier was crafted out of a sheer love for food and providing the workplace sector with an offer that is soley focused on making the workplace dining spaces fun.

Food is the story of our lives and its personal, when you choose a caterer you do not want a one size fits all approach, we know our clients want a solution that works best for them. By partnering with a nimble independent chef led business like Métier you are going to have the expert knowledge but with your exact wants and needs.



Our approach to food is completely tailored, but never comprising. It is always made from scratch and the menu has to be using seasonal British produce.

British meats, fish & vegetables. 

The food has to hit different, it has to pass our good to the eye test, presentation is key for a Métier approach. 


It isn't good enough to just provide amazing food and drink, we are committed to doing it in a way that reduces our foot print on the planet. The steps we are taking towards sustainability are impressive, we are a good egg and we are being noticed for it.

Talk to us about how we could be good for your workplace sustainable ethos.

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None of this happens without the right team members in place. Métier treats its team like partners rather than a number. Hospitality professionals like to be heard, they like to make a difference and feel like they have produced or served something meaningful during their working day. We are fussy who we hire and we don't apologise for it. We are nurturing and all about rewarding great work.

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